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Thread: Curly/Fiddleback Cherry natural edge bowl

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    Curly/Fiddleback Cherry natural edge bowl

    I've never seen cherry like this before. I know its around, but I got this for FREE, and had NO idea it would turn out like this. It came from the root burl of a tree that was blown over last year on the farm next door. This piece was totally underground. Being blown over, the entire root burl was uprooted at the same time; it went almost 24" underground at about the same diameter as the trunk. It is a present for my girlfriend; its our 2 year anniversary. The piece was sanded to 400, then 2 liberal coats of minwax antique oil. I'm not buffing this one now; not enough time! Got to have it done by tuesday. It is about 13.5", and 12" on the small diameter, and roughly 8" tall. The foot I'm leaving on; I put a pretty deep recess in, and don't want to lose the lift that the foot gives. I'm not terribly worried about the chuck marks.

    I'm not a photographer, and the piece is really much more impressive in person, if I do say so myself! A photo tent is in my near future.
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    This is a great piece. Looks to have it all. Form, size and of course the figured cherry. Wow is about all I can say. I know I've said it at minimum 4 - 5 times while I looked at the pictures. I'm sure your girlfriend will just love it.
    Lee Laird
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    Yeppers, that one's sweeeeeet! Gorgeous wood, and you showed it off very nicely.
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    Great looking bowl out of some great looking wood. Well done.
    Bernie W.

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    Nathan, that's some of the most stunning wood I've ever seen and you did a great job showing it off. Thanks for showing.

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    I just picked up a load of wild cherry last week... haven't turned any yet, but hope some of it looks as good as yours... beautiful wood and work..
    Tellico Plains, TN
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    Knock out.

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    Well Done Nathan.
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    Nathan Hawkes
    Very nice work Nathan. Isn't that cherry great wood to work with? I love the stuff myself. Just ordered a photo tent today myself. Mitch

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