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Thread: Sooooo, I was fooling around one day last week..............

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    Sooooo, I was fooling around one day last week..............

    ...........and I noticed that I was getting quite a collection of scraps of cherry, maple, walnut, purpleheart and cardinal wood. So, I started cutting and ripping and jointing and planing and gluing and ripping and jointing and gluing and planing and clamping and....and....and....this is what I came up with. Exterior border is cherry with a sandwiched maple strip and the interior borders are sandwiched endgrain maple and endgrain cardinal wood.

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    Finished board is 12" x 19" by 1 1/4" thick.

    Thanks for looking.
    Thanks, Mark.

    Custom Bonehead.

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    If that's what you get when you are fooling around, I wonder what will come out when you do something seriously concentrated

    I love it! If I had to criticise something is would be the inner structure, being the random disposition so beatiful I wouldn't have put it and left the whole board random without those lines. But of course I'm not you, I like it very much.
    Congratulation an that one!!
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    That would drive me crazy trying to lay that out. But you captured it. Well done . For me, I really like the interior borders. All of you board makers continually impress me with great designs and this one is way cool for me.


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    Looks fantastic. I would love to see the whole process.

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    Looks great Mark, really like the design.

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    Great use of "scraps"! It puts me in mind of something Ray and Charles Eames would have done.

    I think you've found the perfect use for leftovers.


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    Very cool, Mark. Each time I look at this board, I'm taken by the fact that there are no apparent (to me anyway) repeats of the pattern. That's hard to do.

    I like the inner frames, since they add a sense of order to an otherwise random design.
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    thats very perty.

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