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Thread: Ohio buckeye

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    Ohio buckeye

    Has any one turned this type of wood? TYhee logs that I had cut up last year turned out to be Ohio Buckeye, not american chestnut. The grain seems really intresting and seems like a decent wood.

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    Al, if Ohio Buckeye is like the Buckeye burl from California then it is on the soft side. You will need to keep the tools sharp. It sands easily and finishes nicely. The California Buckeye burl I bought from a place near Gainesville FL. had stained very dark so part of the color was almost black. If the Ohio Buckeye is not like the California, never mind.

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    I've never actually turned it. There's some info here:

    In spite of all that, I'd say anything that turns is good wood!



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    The only thing I have turned from buckeye is a pen from spalted buckeye burl. It turned and finished easily. I'm pretty sure Frank has turned some.
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    I have turned several pieces of it. The wood is a nice yellow color that will tend to stay that color. It does blue stain quickly though. I'll try to post an example of what I've turned more recently.

    I find it to be light weight, a bit stringly, but sands and finishes nicely. There are troubles with the end grain having a bit of tearout but those can usually be handled with good cutting technique and sanding. Give it a spin. I think you'll like it. If by chance you don't, send it to me and I'll enjoy it for you.

    OK, why didn't my picture post? Can someone help me here?

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    Don't know exactly why your photo didn't load, may be imbedded in photoshop. I copied as .JPG and will try to upload for you here.
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