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Thread: Just had a Doh moment

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    Just had a Doh moment

    One of today's tasks is to get the doors fleshed out for the shop... only problem is the main doorway is 97 1/2" tall... since I forgot to cut down the studs when I framed out the doorway, it is an 8' stud tall plus the now cut away sill plate.

    I've decided that I'm simply going to nail a replacement plate at the top of the doorway and have 8' tall doors. Do i need them? Nope, but it will be nice to be able to open them up and have all that natural light in the shop.

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    Ned you just need to quit connecting all Doh moments together & this project will get finished much sooner. But WE are learning from all DOH moments. Thank you.
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    I'm ' ' that close. I just had a scare up on the ladder so I'm taking a ten minute or so break for heebie jeebies.

    photos over in the main thread.

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    Actually, I would have thought the DOH moment is when the rough framing is too small! It can always be made a bit smaller - but bigger is an issue!


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    I had to move my pancake compressor away from its regular spot, so I built a simple shelf to hold it, and to also store the mitre saw when not in use.
    I know I measured them both 3 times and allowed a bit of clearance so I dont scrape up my hands when lifting them up.
    ONly problem was I forget to measure the mitre saw from the back, where the handles were a few inches wider. It fits, but I sort of have to give it a good shove, like I used to with my first car, a 64 pontiac bonneville.

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