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Thread: Wood Brag..

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    Wood Brag..

    A friend called last week that her neighbor had a tree that had split and broken.. they were having it cut.. and I could have some if I wanted.. it was a wild cherry about 14" on the part that was cut.. partially eaten up by ants, but still lots of wood. Then she said her husband was having a tree on their lot taken down and I could have it too. It's a hackberry. So this is what I got.
    Part of the wood under the two cherry logs is oak from another friend... the oak about did me in.. I went through two chainsaws on that one.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails cherry1.JPG   cherry-oak1.JPG   hackberry1.JPG   hackberry5.JPG  
    Tellico Plains, TN
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    That'll last you a while! Now get busy turning!

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    Heck, that's cheating. Half the hollowing has already been done for you.

    Nice haul, Chuck.
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    Nice to see some wood going for a ride on the lathe, rather than a trip to the landfill, or burn pile
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    Congrats on a great haul.
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