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Thread: Serving Tray

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    Serving Tray

    I've been working on this serving tray on and off for several weeks, and just got it finished yesterday.

    The bottom is about 10" by 16", composed of 110 equilateral 60° parallelograms, each about 1¼ inches oer side. The three woods used are walnut, cherry, and poplar.

    The sides and ends of the tray are half inch thick cherry, and are beveled and mitered at 15°.

    Finish is two coats of Sealcoat®, followed by three coats of Arm-R-Seal®.

    The glue-up was a real challenge, and I could only do one row at a time, so it took quite a while to do, but I really like the result.
    Jim D.

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    Wow, Jim that tray is just stunning, Well worth the effort!
    Amazing how the shapes play tricks on the eyes!

    Don’t have the best tools, don't use the best woods and projects don’t always turnout perfeck.
    I just feel the need to work with wood!

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    Jim, that really is stunning. Doing one row at a time must have added some challenges as well, in just keeping them aligned with the next row.

    Great work!

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    Outstanding !

    That's beautiful Jim. I am always amazed at the precision required for these optical illusion works. This is spectacular.

    It sure was nice to meet you and your wife at 5 Barns !
    Don Orr

    Woodturners make the World go ROUND

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    That tray is great Jim, You made a thing of beauty. I like the contrast of the wood that you used

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    That looks great, Jim. Those are called "Louis cubes" because the design became popular during the reign of Louis XIV in France. The design is actually older but was not that popular previously. The floor of one of the great halls at Versailles is tiled in Louis cubes (if I remember correctly).

    I've done those in veneer but never tried to do it in solid wood.

    Good job!


    PS you can see one of my Louis cubes projects here. Scroll down a bit.
    Ancora imparo
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    That's really nice. Came out way better than mine!

    Did you really cut all those pieces individually? You have way more patience than me!



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    Awesome work, Jim. Looks great on all counts.

    What's next? How do you follow that one up?
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    that should be on display in a china cabinet, never used.
    Its too beautiful to use, should be admired as art.

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    Quote Originally Posted by allen levine View Post
    that should be on display in a china cabinet, never used.
    Its too beautiful to use, should be admired as art.
    Actually, it probably won't see much use. I'll display it at the county fair next month, then retire it to the center of the wife's china display cabinet.

    Beyond that, it might see occasional "tea & crumpets," but certainly not regular usage.
    Jim D.

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