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Thread: today I solved one of my two big issues in my workshop

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    today I solved one of my two big issues in my workshop

    I was getting busy staining up a cabinet, and trying to work on something else, and realized, there just isnt enough work table space.
    I have 3 outdoor tables covered with tarps so I can use them as workspace, but Id rather not, since me and stain dont always agree as to what direction it should stay.
    I solved the table space issue, or at least some of it.
    I built a table that rolls directly under my work bench.
    I had to lose a drawer, which I can always attach to the new lower bench, I didnt lose the storage space underneath, and now I have two work surfaces.
    The height difference isnt much of a "downer" for me.
    I had to buy 4 castors. The top is a sheet of ply from my old wheeling wood rack, so its full of holes,(around 16 holes) but Ill lay a piece of masonite on it when I get to the store again.
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    Great idea Allen. I built a rolling work/outfeed table a couple of months ago. I've used it to finish a couple of pieces and wished it had been lower a few times. I guess it's all about tradeoffs.

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    That's a great idea Allen, would solve a problem I've got in my shop right now.

    Thanks for posting!

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    the best part of this table on wheels for me is that now when I build something, if its heavy or bulky, I dont have to move it from place to place, I can leave it on the table, roll it out of the way when I dont need it, or at least move it somewhere else easily since its on wheels.

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