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Thread: turning tools, planes, miter box

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    turning tools, planes, miter box

    i would rather sell the turning tools all together same with the planes-however if after awhile they don't sell then i will sell one by one-the exception is if you pick up-if so call and i will give individual prices-
    turning tools are sorby except the big roughing gouge and the detail gouge both are crown-roughing gouges 1 1/4",1",skews 1 1/4",3/4",parting tool 1/4",detail gouge 3/8" spindle gouge 1/2",sizing tool $235 for all

    planes-prmus jointer,primus improved smoothing,wooden skewed jack plane,lie-nielsen #2,stanley rabbet-$415 for all-

    ulmia miter box model 354 ,with extra blade-$150

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