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Thread: finishing cocobolo.

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    finishing cocobolo.

    I recently turned a couple of small projects and out of cocobolo and put a friction polish on them. Will the wood still darken over time? I am new to finishing a am not sure of what happens in this case.

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    I have two cocobolo pens I use daily at school. One of them was stolen last year from the fair and the mother of the boy that took it found it after it had run through the washer! Anyway, went and looked, the one that went through the washer is darker, but it also had leaked its ink during the wash. It is possible, I used the light/white Hut friction polish on them. Being in my pocket they aren't laying around in light/daylight situations. So my guess and it is a guess only, depends on how it is used/where it is stored/displayed. With daily use, some darkening but that is probably dirt. Sorry no real help here. Cocobolo sure is a pretty wood to work with, it is one that bothers some people. Good luck and hope someone steps up and gives you a definitive answer.

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    I believe almost all woods darken with time and exposure to light. However, I have never heard of coco being particularly light (UV) sensitive. Being dark is what makes it attractive, IMHO. I would suggest you continue turning and enjoying. What makes wood such a pleasure to work with is that it is what it is and nature will win everytime.

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    Gary, I have a bunch of pens I've made from cocobolo, with friction-polish finish, and they haven't darkened at all. YMMV though.
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    I did a pen from cocobolo with a friction polish that is almost black now, but then I work in heavy construction. If what you are turning isn't handled much, a friction finish should be good, maybe topped with a buffed carnuba wax. I have had the best luck using superglue as a finish. The wood is light sensative but mainly I have had the wood turn more orange from sun exposure. That could vary between trees. Here is a picture of a pen with the superglue finish.
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    Dale, yer not supposed to stir yer coffee wit da pen. I do like cocobolo a lot and it has been a favorite of customers. I happen to hunt for the wood that has everything from yellows to dark browns. The contrast is what seems to sell the best. I have noticed some oxidation of the yellows over time but it is slower than most woods.

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