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Thread: Pecan Lidded Container

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    Pecan Lidded Container

    The wife had me busy most of the weekend but I found a little time this morning to turn this.

    I made a funnel out of the lid and had to fix it with a piece of mesquite. I never did get the shape of the top just the way I wanted it. Not really sure about the contrast between the two woods...what do y'all think?

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    Hate to tell ya Shane may be the first but won't be the last. Nice save on a great looking piece. Well done.
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    Excellent save, Shane. (Nice wood, too.) I think I'm with you on the contrast between the two woods...I think a more pronounced contrast might look better. The pecan and mesquite are relatively close to each other in color and darkness. Still, considering the circumstances, I think it came out nicely.
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