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Thread: A little door help needed

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    A little door help needed

    Greetings all, been busy doing my best at creating kitchen cabnets and just finished the construction of all the boxes (upper and lower) and the doors for the uppers . big accomplishment for this rookie. well back to my question, I have used space balls for nice rattle free panels, and it seems that they have bleed into my panels maybe compressed to much , well anyway is there a way to sand, use a solvent or anything to get rid of the staining next to to to......rebuild?

    Thanks for any and all thoughts, ideas

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    Wow, that's odd. Have you called the manufacturer? I'm not completely familiar with the space balls, have seen an ad or two for them. Will be watching to see how this turns out for you though. Keep us posted.

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    I second what Darren has said - call the company. I've used space balls and have not had this happen.
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    tom, i`ve never seen spaceballs do the manufacturer and ask them what they recomend. if you plan on stain or dye the color might cover the stains? or maybe some linseed oil? i`m only guessing `cause i don`t know. sorry
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    Hi Tom,
    Space balls are foreign to me but if I might add a thought, mention you are a member of a woodworking forum on the internet and a number of the members are interested in the solution. That way, I believe you have much more clout to get resolution to this problem. Power in numbers, and it is the truth.
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    Cabinet Space Balls

    Space balls have been known to exude a mysterious fluid that can show
    up in the finish of a raised panel door, leading to possible heart palpitations.
    (Not really, but it is disturbing.)

    More than likely the space balls are to a little too tight.
    Bleeding space balls apparently must not be that uncommon.
    Here is some interesting reading on the problem and the results when
    these spots are stained over.

    May help?

    Sorry, I actually never used space balls.. but did do a little research
    because I maybe using them in the near future.

    And Also ......... I did sleep in a Holiday Express once !
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    space balls

    I would try to clean the areas with mineral spirits before staining. That really sucks though. That has to be oil leaking out of the rubber. I wouldn't think there would be that much in each ball though.

    Good luck. I would be interested to hear how you clean it up before staining.

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    Ya I compressed the heck out of them

    Thanks all for the comebacks. Dave your link sure helped me feel better on my little problem. Amazing that it quite common, sure would not think that they would do what they did.
    Also thanks Larry on th PM side of my world. helped trouble shoot the issue with (many thanks also) Mr Clardy. I should just give the areas a light sanding and stain with oil based stain and should be good to go. Denatured alcohol also helps.
    Don't know if I will use on the bottom doors, but if I do, I will not compress as much as I did. should have 5/16" total clearance for the balls and I know I had a litle less than 1/4"


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    The biggest advantage of the space balls is on the sides, to absorb the expansion and contraction of the floating panels, across the grain (there is almost no movement lengthwise). I noticed that you had them on the ends. That may help some with rattle (and you are right, that you over-compressed them), but did you also use them on the sides where they are really needed?
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    Yes Charlie I basicly used 3 on the sides and 2 on tops and bottoms, less for smaller doors, min of 2. sure seams it effected on tops and bottoms kind of following the grain and left the sides alone. I guess I really didnt need to use since it is plywood panels (really no noticable contraction and expansion) just wanted rattle free panels.

    Thanks Tom

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