If any of you live near a Rockler store, you might want to drop in. I had seen the 50% off any clearance item coupon but didn't get by. I got a 20% off anything coupon (with the usual restrictions) for me an my girlfriend and we went to go do some damage.

I actually was just after some sharpening supplies and some finishing items. My local store had 75% off all the clearance items AND 75% off various items throughout the store. I asked what gives and was told anything we can sell, we don't have to count during inventory. Made sense to me.

Picked up a couple cupboard slide-out trays (DT'd BB ply) for $10 each with all the hardware (I can't begin to make them for that and I've made a few), four varioclipex (sp) clamps for $1.40 each (I've wondered about them but haven't ever gotten any, for the price, I'll try them and let you know), a couple 10' lengths of clear wire reinforced hose (funny how if you buy more machines, you need more hose) and various hardware items, large sanding drum and I forgot to go back to the blowout wood bin for the coca bola and zebra wood pieces that were $4 each . . . . dang. Oh well I kept it right around $100 for bunches-o-stuff. Stop by or call your local store and see if they're at it too.