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Thread: A little Ci1 Drama

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    A little Ci1 Drama

    I was roughing out a larger piece for a HF, there were a lot of bark inclusions on the piece, I checked it for metal, as it was urban wood, so could have a few nails in it, it did not.

    I was roughing away nicely and all of a sudden there was a loud crack, and the piece snapped off the tenon, bounce off the wall, and then trundled across the floor into the far corner.

    I was wearing my full on Triton Power Respirator, but I was well clear of line of fire, so only my nerves were damaged

    The only damage was to the tip of my Ci1 rougher...........

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm fairly sure that I hit an embedded rock, there was a "hole" in the blank, that was rock shaped, about the size of a golf ball, but I've yet to find the rock.

    I just turned the insert insert and started over.......
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Oh yeah, the #1 side of the insert was getting dull, so it was good I changed it, but then I counted, and I've roughed out a total of 27 bowls with the first edge Now they were all green wood, and most were 12" to 8" in diameter.

    I have found that it is quicker for me to grab my 3/8" bowl gouge to do the last cut to smooth out the rough out, than do the finishing cut, which does work, but take more time, and time and ease of use is, for me, what the Ci1 is all about.

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    Man, ya just can't buy a good rock scraper these days.

    Glad to see you weren't hurt. This must be the season for blowing things off lathes, eh? You need a window in the Dungeon to catch those flyaway pieces.
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    Only 27 bowls from the No. 1 side? Man-o-man, Stu. I think you should take 60 or 70 pics and email them to the manufacturer and the BBB and the FDA and maybe the DOT and your local highway department. Then call all of these departments and SCREAM at them for the faulty workmanship of the tool and then send them 10 or 12 more emails demanding satisfaction. Then you should come back here and start a thread allowing everyone to bash the manufacturer and call them names like doo-doo breath and stuff like that.

    Or, you could just try to find that rock and put it on a shelf for a reminder.

    Glad you're okay Stu. Maybe you and Vaughn are long-distance turning twins.....

    Stories like yours and Vaughn's are one of the reasons why I don't have an inclination to turn. I am absolutely positive that I would impale myself with a tool in some vital place or have something fly off and decapitate me or something like that. If you pros have trouble, I'd most assuredly end up maimed. (I mean, more than I already am of course.)
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    Thanks, Mark.

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