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Thread: Vacuum chuck on a Laguna 18/47

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    Vacuum chuck on a Laguna 18/47

    I own a Laguna 18/47 and a Jet Mini. There are not a lot of the 18/47's out there.

    I recently went on a quest to add vacuum chucking to the Laguna. I was very fortunate to learn of two gentlemen Steve Schlumpf and Tom Steyer.

    Steve supplied me with his excellent vacuum chuck tutorial. I adapted it to allow it to run my Jet Mini as well. Steve I owe you. Steve used a rotary adapter from Tom Steyer in his system. I contacted Tom and after a couple of conversations and few pictures sent to him I was the proud owner of a high quality rotary adapter for a Laguna 18/47. I am running the Jet off a Holdfast rotary adapter. But I am going to have Tom build me one for that as well, I had purchased the Holdfast before I knew of Tom's. As with Steve I owe Tom he made this a simple task.

    I have added four pictures of the system and the adapter
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DSCF3847small.JPG   DSCF3850_small.JPG   DSCF3852_small.JPG   DSCF3870_smal.JPG  

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    Hey Earl, welcome to the clubhouse.

    Thanks for the info on the adaptor for your Laguna. I think you may be the first person here with that lathe, but it'll be useful information for anyone else who gets one in the future.
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    Welcome to the family Earl!

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    Thanks for the kind greeting. I have been a lurker for sometime but I finally decided to wade in. So far the water is just fine. I will try to post some pictures of my work soon. No photo tent though :

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    Welcome. I've got a Jet Mini also (12x20) and was wondering how you got it to work on that machine. Would you mind another picture from the attachment end and/or anything else you think might assist?

    Lee Laird
    Austin TX

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    Lee, I have sent you an Email with larger pictures and more information to help you. At this time I am using a adapter from Holdfast. It can be purchased from Packard or Craft Supply or I suspect many other sources.

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    Boy, I could use that vacuum rig... I have a Jet 1442 and just finished a bowl that's a bout 11" diameter... I still need to take the tenon off the bottom, but it's too big for any of my chucks... I'm going to have to make a donut chuck so I can finish this... a vacuum chuck would be ideal.
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    Chuck, I have done 11 inch bowls on a jam chuck but for me jam chucks were always an adventure and on occasion I did not arrive at the intended destination. I think the Donut chuck will get the job done for you.

    I waited a long time to build my vacuum system and now I am not sure why. They are really simple things to build. There is cost involved but you can get it done cheaper than you imagine. Somewhere between 200$ and 250$ should do it dependent on what you use for a rotary adapter and a vacuum source.

    Let us know how the bowl turns out. I will post some pictures of my work soon. It is something I need to get in the habit of doing. A lot of folks on here provide excellent advice I look forward to hearing from them

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