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Thread: One Log House

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    One Log House

    The subject line says it all...a house made from a single log:

    More of a tourist attraction than a usable house, but interesting nonetheless.
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    That wild. At first I was thinking termites, but it is redwood and on wheels. My parents are full time RV'ers, will have to show that to them. Might get added to their list of places to stop by if they are in the area.

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    Folks is funny critters. Wat next? As said, wild.

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    That would be a very expensive place to build now - considering how many board feet of old growth lumber were reduced to chips! I wonder how that idea was born - "Gee that there log is as big as a house!" "Ya know . . ."


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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    More of a tourist attraction than a usable house
    I think it'd be more interesting if it ever had actually been a home. But I doubt it. Based on the website, this was a tourist trap -er- attraction from day one.
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    Theres more than one running around. There used to be one that came to the fair every year. You could live in it full time. Not saying it would be convenient. But it could be done.

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