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Thread: Beall Buffing Lacquer

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    Beall Buffing Lacquer

    What is the process everyone else uses for buffing out lacquer? No matter how long I let it cure, I always seem to melt it off when buffing.

    I'm turning the 8" buffing wheels at ~1200 rpm and using (what I call) a light touch. Even with just the carnauba wheel, I still manage to melt the lacquer.

    Any suggestions?

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    Cody, the only things I can think of are to slow down the buffer a bit more and/or use an even lighter touch.

    I often wet sand with 400 or 600 grit (very lightly) to even out the surface before buffing. That way I'm only removing scratches instead of trying to even out the surface with the buffing wheels.
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    Cody I don't buff lacquer. I use gloss most of the time and had the same problem you do. If you don't use a light touch it will burn it every time. I have found even with a light touch I don't get it much better than if I left the gloss alone.
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    Try using tons more compound than you normally would. Don't try to keep buffing until all the compound is gone. Just run over it with a light to medium touch then wipe the excess compound off with a soft cloth by hand. You may have to repeat this a few times with the EEE until the sanding scratches are gone, wiping off the excess each time. It will still be dull but just move on to the next wheel. When you get to the wax wheel use very little wax and and a very light touch. Run over it several times with less and less wax each time until the wheel is dry. Then buff by hand.

    Like Vaughn said, get the surface as smooth as you can before you ever head to the buffer. I sand mine up to 800 grit dry then wet sand with 1500g.

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