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Thread: Speed control for router

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    Speed control for router

    I have a 1 1/8 diameter pattern bit and when I put it in my router (PC 690 mounted on a router table) it scares the pants off of me. So I'm thinking speed control for my router. They are available from $30 to $50 depending on where I buy it.
    I would appreciate opinions from people who have bought and used a speed control. Thank you very much.


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    I have on on an old M12V Hitachi router in my router table. I received is free & well used. This type of control isn't as good as a built in control but has served me well. I use my router table to rabbit, dado & round-over. I use my 1 HP & 1 1/2 HP shapers for the larger work. I have 2 PC 690's 1 with & 1 without speed control. I think you would really like the one with speed control Hint Hint.
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    Speed control is a must at the router table. I say buy the best you can afford. As Bart said they are not as good as the built in type. You may consider saving for a 3 hp or better router with speed control.

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    second the motion!!!!

    speed control by al means,, i have the hitachi in a table and it has built in speed control,, 5 speed settings 1"dia bits run fine at high but the raised panel bits they run at 2 or 3 tops. if your mathmatician you can figure it out using the outside diam as to safe opperating speeds..they may have a list somewhere that you cna look at and make determantion from,, my suggestion is to get router with it rather add one to your existing. those that have it are generally better built and larger. i am very pleased with my hitachi 12mv i think that is the right model no. they are very common.
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