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Thread: DeWalt versus Bosch

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    DeWalt versus Bosch

    I have been screwing the steel roof down on my old gambrel roof barn. Bought a new DeWalt 14.4 volt cordless knowing my old 12 volt DeWalt batteries were getting weak. First side of the barn, one battery did half, the second battery did the other half of that side. Friday went to the West side, one battery did about 1/3 of the roof. Next battery a little more than that, the third try (after waiting until the light was solid indicating full charge) that lasted about 15 minutes. Was six foot from being done, went and got the battery off of the charger even though the light was still flashing, it lasted until I was done. Anyway, boxed that baby back up and returned it for a full refund. Was planning on buying two new 12 volt batteries (about $62.00 each) but saw in the Menard's sale bill in today's paper a Bosch 14.4 cordless, two batteries, charger and drill for $139.00.
    Finally my question. Do any of you have this Bosch drill? How would it stack up? I have three sides of this barn to put steel roofing on and don't want to stop to wait on batteries (they should last longer). Pros/cons of this drill. Does it stack up? What do you suggest?

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    My only experience with Bosch drills has been with my 1/2" hammer drill, It doesn't get used often, but when it does, it's a hoss. No experience with cordless or tailed DeWalt drills.
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    what model????

    have had good luck with bosch tools jon....
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    Funny, I've had really lousy luck with Bosch cordless tools, but, they have all been the green ones, not the blue ones, if you are talking Blue Bosch, then you should be good to go.
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    I've only had dewalts, but have noticed they don't last as long if the batteries are hot or used more frequently to make them hot (as with most rechargables).

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