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Thread: Snow in August?!?!

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    Snow in August?!?!

    would you believe Hail? this was on the western edge of the path of the storm.

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    Don't laugh to hard...the leaves are starting to change color here already. Its not one or two trees either...the maples are starting to turn red.

    Looks like another winter of snow ever 3 days. Incidentally winters come in pairs here so I look for a lot of snow. The bees are up high this year too and did I mention the trees changing color already ???
    I have no intention of traveling from birth to the grave in a manicured and well preserved body; but rather I will skid in sideways, totally beat up, completely worn out, utterly exhausted and jump off my tractor and loudly yell, "Wow, this is what it took to feed a nation!"

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