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Thread: Arts and Crafts influenced box

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    Arts and Crafts influenced box

    I asked about this in the design forum with mixed opinions on the idea. I modified the box to save it. Just snapped some photos of it and I would like some honest input. Do you like the design? If the majority of people don't I will know not to make anymore unless someone asks for one. Personally, now that I have modified it I really like it. Decided to do a poll since some people are shy.

    As for the finish, it isn't. I just wiped it down with MS to clean it and see the color. Snapped a few photos and trying to decide on a finish but I leaning toward oil.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    jeff, the box looks fine but the top`s gonna warp.....tod

    [edit] what? me shy.....
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    Jeff, I've got mixed emotions about the box, although I do like it better now that the sides are thinner. It's very simple and straightforward (good), but it feels a little primitive to me (not bad, but not to my tastes). I didn't bring this up over in the design forum, but personally I think I'd like to see the corner joints flush, with perhaps a 1/2" or so roundover. I think the big box joint would look neat heavily rounded over. No longer A&C, but a different look.

    Like a lot of wooden things, I suspect some folks will really be drawn to it, and others (like me) will be more neutral. The bottom line is that you like it and you had fun making it. What the rest of us think is secondary to that.
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    Hi Jeff.

    I like where you're going with the G&G style joint, but I think it looks a bit heavy - primitive, to use Vaughn's words. I'll also echo Tod's caution about the top giving you trouble.

    I think a slightly thinner stock and increasing the number of knuckles in the joint would go a long way to balancing things. As for the top, I'm not sure. Perhaps somthing in a frame and panel?

    The picture below is of a table built by Darrell Peart - to my mind, this fellow knows his G&G furniture. Notice the drawer and how many knuckles in the joint. Same concept, but much more refined.

    Hope this helps.

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    It is a simple box, not much to like or dislike. The style of joints reminds me of something from 16th or 17th century. I don't dislike but can't get too excited over it.

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