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Thread: Tool Cabinet Progress: Almost Complete!

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    Tool Cabinet Progress: Almost Complete!

    Hello Everyone,
    As you can see, I've made some progress on my tool cabinet project. Before I left for vacation I gave it several coats of wipe on poly. I sanded with steel wool between coats. I finished up with a coat of paste wax.

    Over the past week I managed to install the brass lock and strike plates, re-work the shelves so that they incorporate a strip of hickory along the back (to prevent sagging), install the french cleats, hang the cabinet (with the help of my neighbor because this darn thing is HEAVY!! ), and install some indoor/outdoor carpet to project the planes.

    After cutting up and installing the carpet, I moved some of my handplanes into their new home tonight. I still need to install the cleats for my large hand planes in the plane till area (to the left, behind the door). I also need to make hangers for my chisels and other tools that will be hung on the doors.

    Here's a shot of the cabinet with me in the foreground. This'll give you an idea of it's size.

    Here's a shot with the doors opened.

    Here's a shot with the plane till door opened. The jury is still out on this door. I may end up removing it completely. That's not a problem since it pivots about a 1/4 dia pin. To remove it is a simple matter of lifting it out.

    Here is a photos of some occupied plane cubbies. Third plane in from the left is my new Veritas Side Rabbit plane (Drive By Gloat!).

    And here is a shot with the doors closed. The blue painter's tape was put there to protect the door from the light fixture. I just forgot to remove it!

    The prep for hanging the cabinet took the longest. I had to move everything out of that corner of the shop. Along with that I needed to move several of the light fixtures so that they would not interfere with the doors opening and closing. But what you see is not my shop's final configuration. Very soon I will be moving my shop around. My work bench will be located along an adjacent wall. In addition, the cabinet will be hung about 4" lower lower on the wall once I move the bench.I found that the current height makes getting to stuff on the top shelf problematic.

    That's about it for now. Once I start installing the hangers for the various tools, I'll post more pics.
    See ya around,

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    Dom, your planes have a better home for sure than my meager few. The cabinet looks great.
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    That cabinet is coming along very well! Very nice work.
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    Very nice work Dominic - A place for everything and everything in its place - one day maybe.

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    The cabinet is great! Excellent job.
    Lee Laird
    Austin TX

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