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Thread: New Bench Drawers in the shop.

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    New Bench Drawers in the shop.

    Alex's "Little Shop Upgrade", up there in Flatwork, reminded me that I have yet to post piccys of my latest addition.

    In the never ending quest for additional shop space/storage/organization, I have added a set of drawers under a bench in my shop.

    Here's the bench & it's attendant mess before the addition:

    Now it has a whole NEW mess, but with some drawers under it.

    You can see from this one that I left just enough space between the top of the cabinet and the bench top rail to fit some clamps into.

    And here's one of a drawer.

    Pretty simple, really - just 3 panels of 3/4 ply, with a couple of stretchers across bottom, top & back to hold the shape - and false fronts on the drawer boxes sized to hide the raw ply edges - I wasn't gonna bother with a face frame for a simple utilitarian shop cabinet. The drawer boxes are 1/2 ply, with 1/4 ply bottom, lock-miter routed for assembly. And the false fronts - that's where I got tricky - the bottom pair are red oak, middle pair are poplar & the top pair are pine, with a fairly simple profile routed around the edges, then I hit them all with a coat of the same light stain/poly combo, just to see how this stain looked on these different woods. I see the thing as not only expanded storage space, but a comparative finishes experiment, at the same time.

    Full-extension 100 pound slides for the drawers, as well - I figure I'm gonna load a shop drawer down & abuse it, right?

    Thanks for looking.

    -Kevin in Indy
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    Looks great, Kevin. I was scratching my head trying to figure out what kind of wood you used for the drawer fronts. Now I see it was a trick question.
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    now ya got drawrs

    that means you can add more tools in the space you cleared up organization====defination=====make space for the next tool
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    Dose this expanded clamp storage count?

    -Kevin in Indy
    "Heroic? He fell off his bloody Aeroplane!"

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    Those are nice... when I built my work shelf into my shop, I left an area where I plan to put in a series of drawers similar... if and when I get time and the money.
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    Looks good, and the clamp rack is great. A place for clamps is nice, they always seem to get in the way if they do not have a home.

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