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Thread: Spalted Maple

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    Spalted Maple

    Spalted Maple can sometimes produce tearout that is a PITA to deal with. This one was no exception. But, I gave it a good soaking with Minwax Wood Hardner and that seemed to do the trick. This one absorbed a lot of finish, and I cannot remember exactly how many coats it took. At least 3 coats of DO and at least 3 of poly, then Beall buffing, and I finally got the glass-looking surface I was after. 5" x 3.5".

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    Me likey! I agree, spalted stuff can be a pain. I'm finding that getting close to shape and then some 80 grit sand paper works getting rid of tear out.

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    Nice work. I've turned quite a few spalted sycamore bowls, which both tear out and absorb finish in much the same way. Looks like you did a good job with this one.

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    One way or another, it looks like you got a handle on the tearout. Another nice addition to the sales table, huh?
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    Great looking wood and form. Well Done.
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    Very nice! Love the form and the finish is just beautiful.

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    great looking bowl and good job on the photography too.
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    Mark that is a great looking bowl out of some great wood. Well done.
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