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Thread: Dowel Storage Idea

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    Dowel Storage Idea

    I don't use dowels much. I usually buy them when I need them so they are round ;-) Even still I end up with a few. They used to be all in one place hanging from the rafters; always a pain.

    Cut some circles from a piece of scrap:

    Attachment 23079

    Rivet some shaped PVC together:

    Attachment 23080

    Stuff the circles in; they fit tight but I pinned them a few times anyway:

    Attachment 23081

    This can hang on the wall, set in the corner, whatever. . . one more thing off my list.

    Attachment 23082
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    Nifty idea there, Glenn. I could use that for strips of moulding and edgebanding as well as dowels!
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    Dowel Storage

    I find it amazing how often we as woodworkers end up using PVC pipe. Actually, not just woodworkers - I have found a couple of sites on line with plans for chairs, tables, and one really interesting framework to support a tarp over the bed of a pickup. Versatile stuff, that PVC!


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    Thanks Glenn ,
    Thumbs up project!
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