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Thread: Which new powder metal 5/8 2060 bowl gouge???

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    Which new powder metal 5/8 2060 bowl gouge???

    Well, I'm tired of making frequent trips to the grinder, and I want a couple different profiles for 5/8" gouges anyway. I have a few different gouges, but my go-to gouge is a 1/2" "supa gouge" P&N now that actually measures 5/8" around, with a more or less "U" shaped flute, but I'm grinding to around 45deg., a pretty aggressive bowl gouge, I suppose. I grind it back when I need to reach the bottom of a deep bowl, or use sharp scrapers to refine the curve. I had been grinding more of a side grind with about a 55-60deg bevel until recently, when I started really going gung-ho with a lot of roughouts, and needed a lot more aggressive cut than it could give. I want a new gouge, with the best sharpness holding potential possible-I'm mostly ruling out the 2030 styles, because if I'm spending the money, I want the best edge possible-buy it once, without having to wonder if the extra edge of 2060 vs. 2030 was worth it. The difference in price seems to be negligible between the two, so I'm going for it, but I want some input, especially if you have used more than one different brand of the 2060 tools.

    Point is, my lady wants to buy me a new gouge; she's a keeper. I'm looking at a few different ones; Hamlet 5/8" 2060 ASP, the packard 2060 1/2" gouge, which is 5/8" around, the packard 2060 1/2" "side grind gouge, the crown pro-PM 1/2" ellsworth signature bowl gouge, and the SOLD OUT styles of Thompson tools. I'm leaving out the oneway because I want a wood handle on this one. I like the modular handles, but call me traditional. Money is always important, but I don't want the price to have any impact in choosing the right gouge. If the most expensive one is the best, so be it, the least, great. I don't care. I know gouges are really a matter of personal comfort, but I'm open to suggestions. I guess I'm looking for a general gouge that is good at both hogging and shearing, but you may change my mind and tell me to get a deep "V" and a "U" fluted PM gouge. Thanks for any suggestions folks.

    Turning in VA,


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    I'll betcha Vaughn is going to recommend one of the cryogenically treated ones.

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    I'd say wait until Doug Thompson has the gouges you want in stock. It's definitely worth the wait, and you'll spend less money for more tool.
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    At 5 barns, Doug said he was going home to get into serious production mode. I'd give him a chance to get caught up, he mayhave what you want back in 'stock' soon.

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    Keep the experience comin' folks. I can use it!. I may have already made my decision, but I want to hear from everyone. Thanks.

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    If you want a good bowl gouge you can't go wrong with Thompson's. I have bought 2 and 2 spindle gouges. On the bowl gouges I roughed out 4 bowls before I went to the grinder.
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    Another vote for waiting for Thompson tools...his tools hold an edge better than Oneway M4 gouges at the same price.

    Bernie's got me beat...I've "only" roughed out two bowls with no grinding...

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    Still another vote for Doug's tools I did 5 ring bowls out of Bubinga & after I finished the 5th bowl I had to sharpen it. Here are pics to the bowls I posted about.

    You can't get better tools then Doug's & I wanted to order 4 spindle gouges I sent him a PM & he sent me the gouges before I had even sent him the money. He is a true gentleman & a good friend & a heck of a turner.

    Click the pic 2 times for full size

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