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Thread: Lotza Water

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    Lotza Water

    I live near the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

    Just about ground zero where Tropical Storm Fay decided to stop for a day or two.

    Think about the intense rain you get sometimes with a good thunderstorm and that is what we have had for the last 30 hours or so and it is expected to continue for another 12 hours.

    Some areas within 20 miles of us got 30 inches of rain in the last 36 hours. They think we have had about 18 inches of rain.

    Winds peaked around 65 mph but most of the time they were in the 30 -45 mph range with very little wind damage.

    So far where I live we are doing OK. There is enough drainage to get some of the water over to the river. Other areas the water is over the top of the mailboxes.

    It could be worse imagine if the winds were 100+ mph.

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    I was thinking about you when I saw where the storm was. Glad to see things are no worse than they are. Hang tough, and stay dry (if possible).
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    Hey Pete, glad to hear you are holding on, looks like I'll have it beginning tomorrow. Hopefully it will be mostly rain and not as much wind as you are getting. They keep moving the projected path further south, so that's good for me. Good luck and hang in there -- it could be much worst!

    PS -- we are getting the outer bands right now, heavy rain but no wind yet. We'll be in it for most of the afternoon tomorrow assuming it follows the current projections. Supposed to pass about 50 miles south of Lake City. The eye seems to be opening up, hopefully it will die out pretty quick once it starts moving westerly.
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