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Thread: crazy v8 powered chainsaw video

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    crazy v8 powered chainsaw video

    Un real... chevy 350 v8 engine cutting a 30" log

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    Does it come with the guiys to lift it for you?

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    Technically I think it's a 265? cube mopar engine, but the 300hp is about right. The whole engine block is alloy, hence 2 guys being able to actually lift it to saw stuff.

    Still crazy stuff though.

    There was a post on about that saw throwing it's chain.
    There is a thing called Chainshot where a broken chain acts like a whip and launches at some supersonic speed. The fragment of chain luckily hit the owners (I think) pickup. It went through the front gaurd, the front tyre, AND the engine sump before it stopped.

    They are a lot more carefull about what is downrange of the saw now.


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    Yeah, I can imagine a loose chain from that thing could put the hurt on you pretty good.
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    Wow! Folks is funny critters.

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