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Thread: ERIE PA, Places to see

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    ERIE PA, Places to see

    The wife told me see and the kids are going saturday moring and will be gone till Monday. I would like to go but unsure of what to do done there all day, plus I am not thrilled about the short notice( she told me this at 11:30 tonight. Any recommendations?

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    You could hit the Fair:

    Aug 24 - 30
    Erie County Fair

    various times
    Erie County Fair grounds Wattsburg, PA
    Erie County's oldest and largest fair. Top entertainers, amusement rides, tractor pulls, and family friendly fun.
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    Presque Isle State Park is close by, and makes for an interesting day. There's also a restored sailing ship museum that ought to be interesting.
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    I was going to make fun of Erie, as people in western Pa are wont to do, but it's like shooting fish in a barrel.

    I swear, I'm just cutting and pasting:

    "Known for its lake effect snow, Erie is in the heart of the rust belt and has begun to focus on tourism as a driving force in its economy."

    They *do* have a casino there...

    But seriously, try this:


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    you can always drive over to jamestown ny and visit the lucille ball museum.

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    Thanks anyhow. The wife and kids went without me. In a way it is better. I can get more done without anyone here. That and my back does not do well on long rides.

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