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Thread: Got a little bigger lathe!

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    Got a little bigger lathe!

    I will tell you about the lathe real fast then I have a funny story to go along with it. I have been planning on going to Harbor Freight this weekend and picking up the 34706 for the $289 price. I have been waiting on it to go on sale but decided I couldn’t wait no longer. In the mean time I have been checking Craigslist every day. Well yesterday morning a guy posted one close by. He said he only used it to turn one item and based on the pictures he was telling the truth. Long story short I went to look at it and sure enough it is like new. Not even a scratch on the tool rest. I gave him $150 for it and he threw in the HF turning tools.  Saved a little money and it was closer than the store.
    Okay now the funny story. This may get a little long but after my blood pressure went back down I had a good laugh. Figured y’all would enjoy the story.

    I called my son who will turn 14 in October and this is how the conversation went.

    Mind you it is around 1pm also keep in mind he is 14 but he is 6’2 and strong as an ox.

    Tyler- with a half asleep voice “hello”
    Me- Hey boy what you doing?
    Tyler- Nothing
    Me- You still in bed?
    Tyler- oh no…well yeah but im not asleep.
    Me- BOY! Ah never mind….Hey guess what
    Tyler- what?
    Me- We got us a new lathe!
    Tyler- cool.
    Me- Yeah it’s bigger so now we can turn bigger stuff.
    Tyler- (with a little more excitement in his voice) Do I get to use it?
    Me- Sure you get to use it….Hey but listen I need you to do me a favor.
    Me- You know that area in front of the table saw where the girls have all their junk piled up?
    Tyler- Yes Sir?
    Me- Go out there and clean that up real good. We are going to have to set the lathe there until I find a place for it.
    Tyler- Okay no problem I will do it right now…

    We hang up.

    About 15min later my phone rings.

    Me- Hello
    Tyler- (out of breath and huffing and puffing) Hey Dad, Where do you want me to put it?
    Me- Put what?
    Tyler- The table saw.
    Me- WHAT?
    Tyler- where should I put it?

    Now keep in mind. I have an older crapman contractor saw. Not the heaviest thing in the world but really hard for one MAN to move and it’s not on a mobile base!

    The conversation goes on:
    Me- What in the world Are you talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tyler- You said to move the table saw so we could put the lathe there.
    Me- Speechless…………Tyler, that saw is bolted to the out feed table!!!!!!!!
    Tyler- Not no more it aint! I thought you wanted it moved?
    Me- Did you un- bolt it?
    Tyler- I thought it was just stuck it kinda pulled the bolts out!
    Me- Go in the house and write your mother a goodbye letter… I will be home in a couple hours.

    Oh man I can’t even be mad. I should have known better.
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    What can I say

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    I assure you, No Offense Meant, but Jethro Clampett comes to mind

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Sardo View Post

    I assure you, No Offense Meant, but Jethro Clampett comes to mind

    Oh man he's gonna love that.

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    That's rich.

    Congrats on the new lathe, and congrats on having a son willing to help, even if it is a bit misguided at times.
    When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson
    When the weird get going, they start their own forum. - Vaughn McMillan

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    Congrats. You have a smart kid. He is one step ahead of you. He knows once you get the lathe, what do you need a table saw for? If he ripped out the band saw, that was no good.

    I hope you fight with him on lathe time fair and square.

    Enjoy and have fun.

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    Congrats on the new lathe. As Larry the Cable Guy would say now that is funny.
    Bernie W.

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    and say, Hi, Honey, Im home forever.

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    Shane - thanks for the laugh! Looking forward to seeing your new lathe!

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    Now, that is funny!!!!

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    I know how you feel!.

    I have 17yr old and 15yr old boys and they would have done the samething.


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