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Thread: Bench Holddowns

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    Bench Holddowns

    You would think I didn't have a pair of nightstands to finish the way I keep finding things to distract me. I had a couple F-clamps from HF that were too funky to use as F-clamps. Whacked the head off, drilled a hole and added a piece of metal strap.

    One screw is for the pivot (peen over the end of the screw) and the other keeps it "same side down" as I was a bit off center on the through hole. Anyway, the things have been laying around for about a year waiting for me to spend 10 minutes on them:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails F-clamp-hold-down-1.jpg   F-clamp-hold-down-2.jpg   F-clamp-hold-down-3.jpg  
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    Great idea, Glenn. I've got a few cheapie Chinese F clamps that are pretty much worthless as 4' clamps, but I've gotten use out of the bar stock by cutting pieces off the clamps as needed. I'll make it a point to not trim them too short, so I'll have the parts I need to make some bench hold-downs like yours (when the day comes that I actually own a workbench).
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    Fantastic idea, Glenn. I don't have any holes in my bench but this make me wish I did. I'll have to make a few of these & drill some holes some day.

    I have several of those clamps. I saw when I first looked at them in the store that sometimes the fixed end casting wasn't square to the bar. So there I am looking each & every clamp & one of the ladies that works there wants to know what I am doing so I showed her & she got right in there & helped me sort through the clamps & find what I was looking for.
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