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    cabinet doors

    I have just started a cabinet refacing project, and will be building 15 new cabinet doors. I will add a new face frame to the existing cabinet boxes and then mount, with euro hinges, the new frame and panel doors. I have never used euro hinges and need to know how to size the width of the doors. I would like to use overlay hinges. By the way, there is no center stile so the fit needs to be just right.


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    chris, euro hinges are offered in different overlay configurations for face framed cabinets.....the amount of overlay will vary from one manufacturer to another and can be changed by using different mounting clips....i`d recomend purchasing your hinges prior to building your doors so you know that you`ll have the opening you require and enough meat in the styles to accomodate the cups......tod
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    chris, what tod said. i use 1/2" overlay euro hinges on my doors and i think they may even overlay as much as 5/8 if i adjust them all the way out. i use Blum 120 degree. make sure you follow the instructions for drilling the cup on the door. this is very important to the function of the hinge. use a piece of scrap 3/4" ply as a test piece and once you drill the hole, insert the hinge into the cup and make sure it will open all the way. trust me i learned the hard way here.

    good luck, be sure to post some pics when you're done.


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    All of the above...If I have a question on how a door will fit. I do a test fit with a piece of scrap plywood. Cut the plywood to the width that you think the door should...Example if the cabinet opening is 15" wide and you are using 1/2" overlay hinges and you overlap 1/2" on the latch side. 15" plus 1/2" plus 1/2" gives you 16". Cut a piece of scrap plywood 6" by 16" wide and do a test fit of the hinge.
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    Thank you very much you guys. I think you have set me on the right course. I was prepared to do things way out of order. First I will put the face frame on the cabs, then buy the hinges, and then build the doors. I was going to do that in reverse order


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