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Thread: signing work?

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    signing work?

    Not sure if this is the right forum but I was wandering the proper way to sign work(Type of pen, before/after finishing?)

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    I sign my turnings with an engraver. Dremel makes a fine one. I happen to use one from Harbor Freight that seems to work well. I normally apply one coat of finish first to stiffen up the wood. After signing I finish as usuall.

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    Gary, I've done some with a fine-point Sharpie pen, after finishing. I've also done some before finishing, but only when I was spraying the finish. I was afraid of a wipe-on finish wiping the ink off. I've heard that "permanent ink" markers will fade or wear off over time. So far, mine have held up OK, but then again, the oldest ones are only a couple of years old.

    I've since graduated to using a woodburner with a very fine-tipped burning pen. I figure it's going to leave a more permanent mark. I also have a wire "brand" that I use to burn my initials on a piece.
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    How about this (if you don't have a woodburner):

    Use an engraver or sharp stylus to sign the piece, then "paint" over the signature with a permanent marker (Sharpie) and then sand one more time until only the ink in the signature is left. Should leave a fine dark line on light woods.

    Never tried it, just an idea.

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    Hi Gary,

    I have tried many ways But I have been using a Staedtler acid free 0.1 mm pen for a few years.

    I always sign my work pre finish. I almost always use an oil finish. Usually Waterlox. I have had no problems with bleeding or any other problems since I started using them.

    My biggest problem was convincing myself that signing my work was like woodturning. It took a lot of practice to be able to do it well. But in my opinion it is the finishing touch to represent your work in the best possible light.

    Best wishes,

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    I don't have a nice enough 'hand' to consider engraving. As a result, little of my work is signed. When it needs something, I take to a local laser engraver. They keep a digi image of my (best) signature and use that. While I Colorado, I gave my recently made OO hiking staff to my brother-in-law as a thank you. He wants it for his collection as a piece of "art" and insisted I sign it. I used a Sharpie after practicing on paper first. The staff will hang and not be used so the sig should last a while.

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    Wood Coins to sign work

    If the item you wish to sign is big enough, I have been known to laser engrave 1.5 inch dia wood "coins" that say something like - From the shop of John Smith - 2008.

    I make them out of cherry or maple.

    You drill a shallow hole in the bottom of your work and glue the coin in.

    PM me if you want to try a couple.

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    I bought a customized branding iron from BrandNew Industries.

    I heat it with a propane torch as it gives me a break to get outside and sit for a moment or two.

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    I also use an engraver

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