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Thread: Life is just a Bowl of Cherry

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    Life is just a Bowl of Cherry

    Here's a cherry bowl I finished recently. It's my first cherry bowl; I turned it from dried stock. After all the interesting grain I've been seeing in the red eucalyptus I've been playing with, this cherry was pretty boring. It turned nicely, though, and being dry already, I was able to get a bit more instant gratification. This was my first time of intentionally using a glued-on tenon. (I glued a tenon on an earlier bowl after breaking off the original one.) I also intentionally tried to stay with a more traditional utility bowl shape, which was a first for me. It'll make somebody a good M&M bowl.

    It's about 3" tall by 7 1/2" wide, sanded to 400 grit and finished with a few coats of wipe-on poly and buffed.

    Attachment 2124

    It's a little wide on the bottom, but I guess that'll make it less likely to spill the M&Ms.

    Attachment 2125

    Comments and critiques are welcome, as always...
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    Nice, I'd not call it "Boring", sure, the figure is not there of the other stuff, but that is one nice bowl, perfect for a handful or two of whatever you want to snack on.

    I like it!
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    Very nice Vaughn, and while it might look a little uninteresting now, wait a little bit and see how nice it looks as that deep red cherry color takes over!
    Bill Grumbine

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    Looks good Vaughn, and like Bill said, wait until it turns and it will look even nicer.

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    That is a real beauty Vaughn. Nice work.
    Bernie W.

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    Nicely done, Vaughn.


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