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Thread: Where can a fellow buy some brass?

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    Where can a fellow buy some brass?

    I am turning some new handles for my files and rasps. I looking for brass for the ferules (sp?). Does anyone know a good supplier?

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    robert, i`ve heard of folks using ferrules from gas line fittings....available at the borgs. plain brass tubing is available from both mcmaster-carr and msc.
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    Another solution for this is to use copper pipe. But, if brass is what you want McMaster-Carr...

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    Here is a file handle I made, has a copper ferrule..........
    File Handle

    and here is a handle I made from some lathe tools.......

    Roughing Gouge
    That is a piece of stainless pipe, the kind used for hand rails and such.

    Brass would be nice for sure!
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    Hi Robert,

    I have used everything mentioned above. Chris' mention of the fittings is one of the best ones as the pieces are flanged slightly. The fitting turns in at one end, and flared slightly out at the other.

    Alternatively, Lee Valley sells brass ferrules in several sizes. I have used them. They are a little thin, but do the job.

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    Is there Iron works of some sort in your area?
    Look in the yellow pages.
    They supply machine shops with all kinds of metals.

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    There's also K&S brass tubing

    Available at most hardware and hobby stores, or used to be. Maybe too small for some ferrules, but easy to come by. Copper pipe also works very well. You may be able to find offcuts and scraps with some effort if buying 5' at a 40% per foot markup over 10' burns you as much as it does me.

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    Copper is fine, but keep in mind there are two types you can buy. M and L, and I think M is the stronger of the two metals.

    For the past 3 weeks I have been getting involved with some stuff called Naval Brass at work. It was for a handrail, and while the handrail was quite simple in design, tig welding it was another story altogether. Man that stuff is made of 4% copper so you cannot braze it, cannot stick weld it, cannot wire feed it, only tig weld it and even then its not very easy.

    Of course this handrail was right on the water so the constant wind blew the gas away and December is not the best time to be outside in Maine. Still we managed to get the handrail done. It looks good now though and it should. The material itself cost 9 thousand dollars for 50 feet of hand rail.

    I doubt this will be any good to anyone, but we have several feet of the stuff left over. Its one inch, and one and a quarter inches in diameter and schedule 40 in thickness.

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