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Thread: another French rolling pin

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    another French rolling pin

    After seeing the French rolling pin I made for my grandson
    my wife said she wanted one also. Only, she wanted a full sized pin. The one I made for the grandson is 16"wide X 1 1/2" center, tapering to 1" at the ends. To fit the hands of a nine year old. The full sized one pictured here is 20" wide X 1 3/4" center, tapering to 1" at the ends. Since we are sitting around the house watching Gustav and the clock, I had to do something or go nerts. So, I went into the shop and made shavings. This was inside. Wood is Arkansas maple and has some nice figure. A light coat of mineral oil finished it. Wife is happy, that's all that matters. Sorry for the quick and dirty photo.
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    Great looking piece Frank. I would probably never make my wife one because she would have other uses for it and mainly on my head every time I ordered a $800 toy errrrr I mean tool.
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    That's a nice one, Frank. Real pretty wood, too. I've got a nephew who's a chef...does a lot of pastry stuff. I should see if he'd be interested in something like that.
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