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Thread: Trolley For X-Cut Sled

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    Trolley For X-Cut Sled

    Hi Everyone,

    My son Glenn saw my crosscut sled trolley and thought I should post it on FWW. Basically it is just a trolley that allows the sled to be rolled into a storage niche. The clip at the lower right---just above the caster---swivels around and holds the sled to the trolley.
    Attachment 23438

    The next photo shows the “holder” in the open position.
    Attachment 23440

    Oh yes, the blue disk is a lid from a yoghurt. It acts as a smooth surface to pivot the “holder” because the green stuff is non-skid material (roll of shelf material for $1.00 at the Dollar Tree).

    Attachment 23439

    Oh yes number 2. The brass handle is so I can place woodworkers side of the sled next to my body, reach down over the sled, grasp the handle and pull the far side up and onto the TS.

    In case anyone cares, the body parts belong to Glenn.


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    Great idea Jim! Can see that being very useful..

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    That's a slick solution, Jim. I'll have to see if I have room to use your trick for my crosscut sleds. I have several 4-wheel mover's dollies ($10 to $15 each at Harbor Freight) for tucking storage bins and such under my bench. I'll bet one could be adapted for sleds.
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