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Thread: I think I busted myself!

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    I think I busted myself!

    Well... as it says I busted myself.

    I have been working quite a lot these holydays on that cellar door, by a lot I mean from 8:30 AM until 9 9:30 PM with a short break for lunch.

    I have enjoyed it a lot but... it seems that due to that much work and not having the proper tools I have developed a bi-lateral carpian tunnel syndrome.

    It is affecting both my hands and preventing me to do almost any sort of hand work movement. When I get up I have to raise and hold my mug of coffe with my two hands.

    At night the pain and my fingers going numb prevent me to sleep. At day time it eases a bit but I'm unable to do any effort with my hands.

    Typing and using the mouse, specially the mouse, is a torture I think I will not post for while or rather scarcely but I'll keep both eyes on you guys! so behave yourselves!

    While I'm typing this I'm saying all sorts of not allowed adjectives.:soapbox: I've tried to answer and read some of previous post but I can't stand anymore.

    So I'll leave it here.
    PS. Untill I get better I have to wear this as much as I can, specially at night.
    My wife is starting to call me woodstupidworker, she is right but how could I know?
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    Best regards,

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    sorry to hear your busted toni

    but maybe you just need a braeak,, this hasnt been a good wknd for alot of us.. take some advill and see us in the mourning or some strong alcoholic bev.
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    She's wrong how was you supposed to know you were going to get carpel tunnel. Although she is the wife so she can call you anything she wants. Just ask mine she has a few choice 4 letter words she uses to describe me I had it by repetitive motions when I worked for American Standard making toilets (be nice guys) Once I had the surgery to fix it it feels a lot better now hopefully you can cure it without surgery.

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    Heres to a quick and full recovers Toni, we will look forword to your posts and great projects again down the road

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    Sorry to see you broke yourself, Toni. Let your hands and wrists rest, and do what the doctors tell you to do. I'm wishing you a fast and painless (as possible) recovery.
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    Wishing you a full and speedy recovery!

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    Man, I feel bad for you! That condition can be painful and limiting. I wish you a full recovery..... soon!
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    Sorry to hear about that Toni. About a year and a half ago I over did it re-doing the electrical and wall board in the shop. My reward was a case of tennis elbow. The only cure? About a year of rest. I had this 25 years ago on the other elbow and was hoping that medical science had come up with a quicker cure. . . nope.

    The upside is that is does get better IF you follow doctor's orders even though they seem extreme. Another side benefit; after using a mouse left handed for a year I can now use either hand and just don't care.

    Get better as soon as you can.
    Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
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    Oh-oh. Sorry to hear that. Do follow doctors orders. Rest and get well.

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    hey, tough break, good luck,

    the braces are only immobilizing your wrists so you dont aggrevate the tendons anymore. Dont risk the constant pain, take a break and kick back till you feel better.

    Ill post some pics of my work so you can get a good laugh now and then while your recuperating.

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