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Thread: clue-less vinly flooring?

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    clue-less vinly flooring?

    My best freind(Mr. Cheap-Cheap skate) found a really good deal on some vinly flooring that is supposed to be help in place by just using two sided tape on the edges. Anyone ever use or hear of this stuff? Does it really hold up as well as glue down stuff?

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    There are some vinyls that only require edge gluing, instead of 'full field' gluing.

    A few months ago, I re-did a fifteen year old bathroom floor that was edge glued, and it had held up very well - no pulls, wrinkles, etc. at all. In fact, I didnh't know it was only edge glued untill I started to remove it.

    Not sure about edge taping, though. I guess that, with the proper tape, it's be okay. They do use DF tape for carpeting...
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