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Thread: Playhouse progress

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    Playhouse progress

    Well, the playhouse keeps getting bigger. I planned on a five foot second story, then decided on six, which means the ridge is seven. Yikes!

    First, I made the arches in the shop...

    Attachment 23444

    Attachment 23445

    Attachment 23446

    Then put them up. Made a fundamental design mistake, but hey: it's a four year old's playhouse. As Duncan used to say, "This ain't no pie-anna we're building..."

    Attachment 23447

    Attachment 23448

    Attachment 23449

    Off to build the railings...



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    Bill, on long island, you can rent that playhouse to a family of 4 for 1600 a month
    looks nice, I hope you get a tarp roof to match the colors.

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    Looks like your trusty helper is having a good time. I suspect he'll have lots of fun in the playhouse, too.
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