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Thread: Another Chisel done!

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    Another Chisel done!

    Another chisel done.

    This one really was a mess, I do not think it was of the best quality when new, but a good user, so that is what I'm making it, a good user.

    As you can see, the chisel is in rough shape, but I can fix that!

    The pounding end is really in bad shape.

    The Ferrel is split, problem area.....

    Here are the pieces, I'll make a new handle, and clean up the rest of the bits.

    I'm trying to get a name off of this one, but I think that might not be possible. I think this chisel is old, and was badly rusted at some point, then cleaned up before I got it, or the steel is just not that great....? The steel on the bottom side of the chisel is not badly pitted, so maybe the "rusted badly" idea is incorrect....?

    Here it is all done, shined up, with a nice new handle on it, made from "Akagashi" or Japanese Evergreen Oak. Not quite as hard, as I might have wanted, but I had the wood, so I thought I'd try it, if the Akagashi does not last, I'll replace it with something else.

    I was able to get this chisel sharp, hair shaving sharp, so that part of the chisel must be OK.
    The whole chisel is a good 12" long, it is a big beefy chisel, one I got for a buck or two, so this is a treat to bring this one back to a good solid user!

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    Nice job Stu! That looks brand new.
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    If you decide you don't like it, I'm sure it could find a happy home in Arkansas.

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    Another beauty Stu. Well Done
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    It feels great bringing those tools back to life, doesn't it? At least it does to me.

    Good job Stu!
    Although I'm sure it must have been mentioned before citric acid is a great and effortless way of removing rust. It could help you in discovering the signs. Electrolysis is another one but a bit more complex.

    I've used citric acid on several planes I got on ebay and it worked wonders.

    A side effect that might be desirable is that if you leave the tool longer than needed in the bath, it blackens it and I've found that prevents rust as well.

    I don't know to what extent but I like as a finish in some tools.

    After all blackening or blueing a piece of steel is creating a layer of oxidization that protects and prevents rust. On aluminum is called anodizing and copper gets it naturally.

    Old smiths used to blacken iron pieces or bars that they wanted to protect from rust by passing them on top of the flames of the furnace. That created that layer of protecting oxidized iron that even today remains unsurpassed.

    I've seen wrought iron doors that have been outside for more than a 100 years and they do not have the least rust anywhere.

    But I'm sure you knew this already.
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    Great job. That chisel has all the good looks of a new chisel while having all the great characteristics of an old tool. Really the best of both worlds, in my eyes.

    Keep up the great work and look forward to future chisel remakes.
    Lee Laird
    Austin TX

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