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Thread: Vase, species uncertain

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    Vase, species uncertain

    Here is another piece that was completed recently. I am uncertain as to the species. It turned very easily with minimal tearout. I initially rough turned it and DNA'd it, finish turned it after a few weeks. Finished with DO & poly, Beall buffed. Approx. 5 x 9.
    Comments welcome.

    ...and just in case anyone might recognize the species from seeing it with bark still intact, here is a shot taken the day I brought the stuff home.
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    Nice looking vase for sure!

    I can tell you right now that wood is definitely "Dunno Wood"
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    The bark reminds me of maple. But the wood color doesn't.
    Whatever, pretty wood, pretty vase. Nicely done.

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    (heavy sigh) Who looks great!
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    Great looking vase Mark. The bark looks like Elm to me.
    Bernie W.

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    Nice vase Mark like the tear drop shape. As to the wood I have to go with Stuart. Wood recognition for me is the hardest part to learn but still trying
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    Great looking vase Mark. Looks like elm to me too.
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    Looks good. The bark is nearly a dead ringer for chestnut oak around VA, but the wood is obviously nothing like almost looks like honey locust, but the edge of the rings isn't defined enough, and the bark is nothing like locust. Looks good, whatever it is.

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    I'm with you I's DUNNO for me too. It does have some nice color & grain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bernie Weishapl View Post
    Great looking vase Mark. The bark looks like Elm to me.
    Agree with Bernie... Looks a lot like the elm tree I have laying behind the shop.
    Tellico Plains, TN
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