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Thread: Fogging face Shield

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    Fogging face Shield

    In correct atmospheric conditions full face shields tend to condensate to the point that the shield in itself becomes a safety concern. I'd be interested in reading anyone's thoughts and ideas on solving this problem.

    I understand the science of dew point / relative humidity very well so please don't suggest I raise the shop temperature to 110F or hold my breath

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    Fogging face Shield

    Bob, I think you should hold your breath, but only when it gets to 110 degrees.

    Seriously though, I think if you check around, there are products available, like "Fogshield XP" & "Cat Crap" anti-fog lens cleaner (used by paintball enthusiasts). These are just a couple that I found.

    Also, Pinlock Technologies makes anti-fog lenses for "protective visors, helmets & face shields".

    I'm not sure how much it would do for the fogging, but passing a damp chamios or soft cloth over the shield lens does help eliminate static from the lens, so to keep dust from clinging and may help cut down on fogging. Try it. Can't hurt.

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    I use a used dryer sheet from my wife to wipe across the face sheilds to eliminate static causing sawdust cling. Maybe to close to nose or getting to excited and breathing to hard?????

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    I've used dryer sheets as well....Usually only needed when it's cold out.

    Last night I forgot to lift the shield up before sneezing, that caused some "condensation" to appear as well.
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    Hi Bob,

    Most drug stores carry anti-fogging, liquid glasses lens cleaner, wicks and cloths. You can spray the shield with the liquid or wipe with the wick or cloth.

    Be SURE that you rinse the shield before using any of these things. Any dust, even dust you cannot see with the naked eye, will cause very fine scratches. Wiping polycarbonate with a towel containing any amount of wood dust will scratch the heck out of it. Polycarbonate is tough...shoot it with a is what they use to make burglar proof windows and bullet proof windows. However, wiping anything, even slightly abrasive, across the material will scratch it. Using Kleenex will eventually destroy the material. Even if the scratches are so faint you don't notice them they will accumulate and you end up with a frosted hood.


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    You get too excited over playng with your tools... Try some RainX for the fogging of windshields.... inside.... Also Pledge is good for Plexiglass windows (basicly you are peeking through a Plexiglass window)

    Also.... I have a ventilation problem in my clostraphobic shop. I have a fan blowing on me all the time (winter and summer) If it is blowing from the side, some will blow into the shield and keep the moisture clear and works like your car's defroster on a cool morning, try moving some air directed at the inside of the shield. (that is what that expensive face shield hooded gizmo does, blows fresh air in your face. ) I fan over your shoulder blows some air at you to keep you cool and some is captured by your shield and encircles your loverly face and keeps the condensation clear.... Taking that Cigar out of your mouth will help as well.... Back when I smoked those loverly things I tried with the shield, didn't take long and saw the errors of my ways, Also not a good idea if you chew tobacco (BTDT) Mostly I prefer some goggles or rather those plastic glasses that fit over my glasses.

    With my Grandsons when they use my lathes I make them wear the full face shield but they don't seem to have the problem. which goes back to the love of the craft and the excitement it creates and that is why we fog up the face shield like a couple of teenagers at the drive-in... Yes there are still Drive-ins....

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    We had serious problems with face mask fogging when I flew with the airlines. During fire drills in the cockpit (and sometimes in cases of a real fire onboard) we would put on oxygen face masks. Masks that had a scuba type lens that covering your eyes and nose.
    We carried a supply of some kind of a silicon impregnated tissue that wasn't much different than the lens wipes sold by drugstores for those who wear eyeglasses. Not very high tech, but it worked well.

    By the way atmospheric fog, or just the humidity that causes rust on your shop tools or your dust mask/goggles has a scientific cause. At any time when the air temperature approaches what is known as the Dew Point (an atmospheric phenomenon) you will have either fog in the air or condensation on hard/cold substances such as steel. The dew point is usually part of your daily weather forecast in the papers and on the internet. Pilots have to take note of it when they get a weather report for an airport. When the air temp is close to the dew point, it will mean you're gonna be landing in fog, and it's good to know that stuff before it's too late.

    Gary Curtis

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