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Thread: Shop too cold to turn?

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    Shop too cold to turn?

    I think that is why it slowed down here considerably.

    BUT, if you are not turning...atleast yak a bit online!!!


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    Well, it's not really too cold here (should hit about 75 today ), but I'm done with the Xmas gifts, and the garage is full of stuff from the "guestroom" because my mom is coming out next week.

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    I've been working on both flat and round work when I've had a chance to get out into the shop. (Seems I've been on the computer more than usual the past couple of months.)

    I really need to replenish my stock of pens. I've sold a bunch of my stock at the office over the past couple of weeks, and I want to be ready for the last-minute Christmas gift rush. I'm also almost out of bowl-turning wood, so I need to start cruising around with the chainsaw and pickup truck, looking for tree-clearing crews.
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    It's never too cold or hot to turn. Ya just gotta turn on either the A/C or the heater! The weather has been crazy warm here, so what time I don't spend in the shop, I am out on the Motorcycle. We don't get much 65 degree riding weather in December, and when we do............I take full advantage of it.

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