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Thread: Stopping to smell the....sunset.

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    Stopping to smell the....sunset.

    This week has been one packed with 14 hour days in a mad rush to get as much renovation done on our house as was humanly possible in a singe week.

    None-the-less, one has to take a moment now and then to take a deep breathe, regroup, and refocus.

    Yesterday evening was one such time. I noticed some very unusual lighting outside while I was taking care of a few odds and ends and knew it would be worth a closer look. I called the LOML out to join me as we took in the spectacle displayed in the heavens above us. It only lasted a few minutes, but it was worth it.

    Deep breath, relax, view....
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    Now that's a nice view. Thanks for those.
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    Nothing does color like mother nature. Fabulous pics

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