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Thread: Tis the season

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    Tis the season

    Yes, I know that title will trigger an update from Stu....sorry

    Anyway, the LOML informed me that it was after Labor Day and time for her favorite time of the year...Fall. So guess what I got to help do today...
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    You poor, poor, man. You're married to one of THOSE women, huh?

    Me too.
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    I thought he was going to talk about Christmas . . . I was looking for my stake of holly; as in the line from Scrooge: "should be boiled with his own pudding, and buried with a stake of holly through his heart".

    Thanks goodness he was only referring to the joyous season of fall. Speaking of which, I felt a bit of a chill in the air on my way to the car this morning . . . must have been in the 70's. Brrrrrrrr.
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    Luckily for me, my wife only does x-mas to the chill in the might drop to the high 30s here tonight!
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    If Stu says how many more days to X-Mas I'm going to fly to Tokyo & drink his LS dry anybody want to help me.

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