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Thread: Will the Screw with the Real Name Please Stand

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    Will the Screw with the Real Name Please Stand

    I bet you guys know the real name of these screws.

    The shank diameter measures about .100" and the head dia. is .225". The screw pictured is 2-1/4" long.

    Anyway, I bought them at a garage sale without a package so I just call them a "finish screw" but I'm sure they have a real name to distinguish them from the common bugle head, deck screw or drywall screw etc.

    I'd sure appreciate a correct name to identify them. Thanks, Bob
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    Robertson Trim Head screw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles Hans View Post
    Robertson Trim Head screw.
    Yep! Probably a #6 screw size, with a #1 (small) Robertson head.
    Jim D.
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    here in the sticks we call `em "trim head" screws......
    and jim`s right the ones i buy have a #1 drive.
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    +1 in agreement. Just used some on a project.
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    I think Mcfeely's screws has quite a selection if you need more.

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    I know them as square-drive screws, McFeely's is only one place that has them--they are becoming quite common, particularly for drywall and decking use.
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    I call 'em "this stupid Phillips head screwdriver is worthless" screws.
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    The phillips head screw was meant to be worthless. It was designed for unskilled workers of world war II building bombers and other planes. The phillips head would cam out long before the screw broke. Before that they had a lot of problems with over tightening.

    The square head drive was one of the first developed, but over taken by the slotted headed and then the phillipshead. They are just now coming BACK into vogue,but they are nothing new.

    If you want to see some odd-ball screw heads, look on the backs of street signs. One way screw heads.
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    The local Borgs carry them in 1 5/8" length. The people working there will likely not be able to find them though, especially not if you call them "finishing screws". However, that one box out of all the other boxes of drywall and other screws will make itself seen just after you've given up and decide to walk out without them after spending a half hour not seeing it.


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