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    Shop Notes 57

    Anybody have an issue? I'm looking for drill press table plans

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    Still looking! Any one build one of these?

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    not i jay ........i use a plain ol` drillpress pretty well..
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    Have to second Todds comments. Drill press vice works good. Or I clamp down a fence from scrap on the table when doing repeating or a series of holes with a stop block.

    I use to want the 90 degree part of that table but now I use a Stanley #59 drill guide for end holes.

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    Jay, I'll take a look when I get home.


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    Normally, the contents of magazines and such are copyright'ed and NOT in the public domain, meaning your only opportunity for obtaining content would be from the original publsher. Requesting a copy from a friend is akin to your kids burning CDs to share with their friends. It's illegal!

    In this case however, you're in luck. Shop Notes decided to make the Drill press Table part of their free 'Online Extras'. It can be downloaded here on their site:

    FWIW, the second table you show is a bit more interesting than the one shown above.

    Good luck...
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    I have that issue.
    BTW heres a simple table I made last year whan I got tired of looking for a scrap and getting clamps.
    The insert is round so I can get a 'fresh' backer when I'm concerned about blowout just by rotating it.

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    Hey Jay,
    I built the table from Peachtree. Not sure I would do it again. The vertical fence seemed like a good idea at the time, but its been two years and I have never used it. Took it off after two weeks, and now its just taking up shop space

    Their plans for clamps are particularly lame. You cut a space piece of 3/4 ply, drill a hole in it for the bolt that grabs the t-track, then four more screws to hold the clamp. First time I used it, the ply delaminated. Use hardwood instead.

    The top isn't really attached to the rest, and relies on gravity or another clamp to stay put. Its heavy enough that that usually works.

    On the positive side, the table is big and gives you plenty of room. The disposal centers are a good idea and work well.

    And, hats off to Tod, I have the table off more than not so I can use my drill press vice or a dp clamp.

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    Jay, I remember building a drill press table from Shop notes several yrs ago. Pretty close to useless. I ended up taking it apart for the hardware. A good broad piece of MDF bolted to the table has served well.

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