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Thread: Howdy to Everyone,...I'm Finally Back

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    Thumbs up Howdy to Everyone,...I'm Finally Back

    I just wanted to say Hi to everyone, and that I'm, "FINALLY" back on line after my computer CRASHED nearly four months ago, (just in case Anyone wondered what happened to me). I've sure missed this place but hopefully this rebuild and upgrade to the machine will keep me going for a long while, (unless I mess it up trying to learn to use the new Fire Fox my computer GURU installed in it). I'm sure a LOT of things have been going on here that I've missed but maybe I'll get caught up on reading the back posts in the next few months.

    I hope everyone is Healthy, doing lots of projects, and that there have been no Catastrophies since I've been off the net.

    Cheers to everyone.

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    Good to see you back, Norman. I'd been wondering where you'd gone off to. Sorry to hear of the crash, but glad to see you're getting things back up and running.
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    Good to have you back, lots of reading to catch up on.......... Ned is still working on his shop, but he does have a roof and walls
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    Glad to see you back online.
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    Welcome back Norman
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    Glad you got it back up and running. Computer problems are "fun". Fire Fox is not bad, but then I had been using Netscape, and they are both Mozilla based programs. I liked FF2 (2.5?) better than 3, but I'm coping. Mainly it's a plugin that isn't available for 3 yet that I was used to. (Form Fill) So I still use NS 7.2 for some things. Let us know what else you've been doing, after you caught up on the rest of the Family doings. Jim.
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    Thanks for the welcome back. Been busy moving a few vehicles for some dealers again, but kinda did too much lifting on the loading ramps I guess and messed up the old back and the knee has gotten much worse, sure hope I don't have to replace it, (because of the possible complications from the diabetes). I've been pretty busy lately trying to get a Nursery room built for my Computer GURU at his store before his wife Dominio's with their third little one, (which is due anytime now).

    I checked the price of the electrical cable I need to get power out to the shop about 3 1/2 months ago and a 500' spool of 2.0 THHN/THWN was up to $1695, and two weeks ago I thought I had enough in the "Shop Kitty" to order it and all the rest of the wire and fixtures, but alas..........I went in to make the order and they priced the same 500' spool to me for $2,967....Sooooo........guess I'll have to move a lot more vehicles for a while longer before I can make the order. I'm beginning to wonder If I'll evercatch up with the inflation of Copper.

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