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Thread: Ceramic Water Stones and Well - ** SOLD **

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    Ceramic Water Stones and Well - ** SOLD **

    This set has never been used. The three stones fasten together and set in the tray as a unit. This keeps the unused stones wet while the top stone is used. You then rotate to your next grit. Asking $45 plus actual shipping.
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    Glenn - are these the ceramic stones that you don't flatten like the Spyderco stones or ceramic stones like the Shapton stones that you do have to flatten?

    If they're like the Shapton, that should be a great bargain for someone who needs a set of stones.


    [If I didn't have a full set of Shaptons I'd be tempted.]

    [PS - I have a set of the Spyderco stones and they don't work very well.]
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