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Thread: HVLP turbine guns

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    HVLP turbine guns

    does anyone here know if the fittings on the HVLP turbine guns are universal like an air compressor attachement?

    i have a CH HVLP and need a replacement gun but can't find just the gun. was thinking of getting another brand to use with it.


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    I know a guy that use the HF guns for his CH turbine system and has nice finishes.

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    I took my Turbinaire hose into a spray shop to get a replacement - they said they were all the same - standard garden hose connectors. As they went to throw the old hose away, I noticed the quick connect on my old hose, and grabbed it. It wouldn't fit on the "all the same" replacement hose. So they are NOT all the same.

    I ended up having to get a garden hose patch kit to cut the bad section out of my turbinaire hose, and left the way expensive replacement hose at the spray shop.
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